On imparting professional education, it’s our foremost priority to consider comfort of all stake holders to keep amicable environment in the campus. We, Government Polytechnic for women, Nandigama take practice of transparency, justice and professional ethics in all happenings so that stake holders are not grieved. Staff grievance and redressal committee is to deal with the discontent, dissatisfaction expressed in person or through formal letter complaint.

Generally Grievant means a student, parents, and staff member, group of students or staff members or combination of any of these stakeholders of the institution.


  • To ensure harmonious environment in the campus to all staff members
  • To provide the equal opportunity and hassle-free resort to their grievances
  • To maintain supervision on all activities of grievance and redressal mechanism


  • To make awareness on the grievances among faculty and staff community
  • To be a part in imparting the quality environment by addressing issues of employees
  • To demand issues/complaints, investigate by committee recommended and document the activities
  • To analyze, comply and forward all received complaints to the concerned departments for necessary action
  • To compile and record documents department wise and semester wise, also keep the secrecy of information of the parties involved
  • To disclose pending cases and act to resolve it amicably, and notify the parties of their status